RT-PCR Testing

for COVID-19
in Tampa, Florida

At The Medicine Shope, we offer the following COVID-19 tests in Tampa, Florida.


Results in 2-3 business days.

Highly Accurate

At The Medicine Shope, our test performance follows the highest standards. We use methods that are highly accurate and are considered the gold standard for diagnostic testing to detect the virus.


Travel with Confidence

With our PCR test for travel, we provide an official laboratory result that meets travel requirements for most countries.


Book Online. No Lines.

Schedule an appointment time online for your PCR test near me. Drive or walk up to our testing site and be done with your COVID-19 test in 30 minutes.


3 easy steps

Book your Appointment for one of our COVID-19 tests.


Drive to our location and get tested while in your car, or walk up to the storefront.


Get your results emailed to you.


Book your COVID-19 test today:

Please read our FAQs as they answer many questions you may have about COVID-19 testing.

Please email questions to for a prompt response.

COVID-19 testing is completely free through your insurance. If you are uninsured, we can get the test completely covered for you with appropriate government issued ID requirements. Call us for more information.

Get an accurate PCR Test for travel from Tampa, Florida.

At the medicine shoppe, we follow CDC testing guidelines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specific protocols to test for a COVID-19 infection. Your health care is our priority.

At The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy , we accurate COVID-19 tests for travel, businesses, and individuals. Book your PCR test today!

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